Employee Manuals
Employee Manuals

Traffic Signalization Mechanic

Lays out traffic signal system from plans, directs Traffic Signalization Installer, and may be involved in the installation of all traffic signalization materials and devices. (IMSA Traffic Signal Level 1 Certification Or Higher Required)

Traffic Signalization Installer

Usually under the direction of the Traffic Signalization Mechanic, involved in the erection of poles, span wire, control cables, signal heads, loops, conduit, services, controllers, wiring, and all related parts. (Experience Required)


Performs a variety of electrical trade functions such as installation, maintenance, and repair for the generation, distribution, and utilization of electrical energy. Generally plans and executes the layout of electrical conduit, wiring systems, switch-panels, circuit breakers, controllers, and other electrical transmission equipment. Utilizes a variety of electrical hand tools, and measuring and testing devices. (Experience Required)

Sign Erector

Constructs sign foundations, erects posts and structures, and attaches sign panels to posts. (Experience Required)

Drill Shaft Operator

Sets up and operates drilling machine that drills holes through dirt, concrete, rock, etc. Levels machine by placing timbers under wheels. Insets and fastens drill steel in chuck. Adjusts angle of drill tower and bolts it in position. Controls drilling by moving levers. (Experience Required)

Guardrail Post Driver Operator

Operates levers and controls to raise and lower truck mounted hydraulic hammer to drive guardrail posts. May layout location of guardrail posts and supervise workers who place guardrail posts and install panels and concrete end anchors. (Experience Required)

Guardrail Erector

Attaches guardrail panels and breakaway blocks to guardrail post. Installs end-anchors and attaches to guardrail panels. May unload and distribute materials and supplies and cleans up area after job is complete.

Traffic Control Specialist

Primary duties include the setting of temporary traffic control devices, usually under the supervision of the Worksite Traffic Supervisor. Insures lane closures etc. are set up and maintained properly. (ATSSA Florida Traffic Control Technician Certification Required)


Performs tasks involving physical abilities, which require little or no specialized skill or previous work experience. The following are typical of laborers duties: loads and unloads supplies and materials, moves supplies and materials to point of use on jobsite, cleans up refuse on jobsite, uses shovel, pick, rake, etc. to dig, fill, and level ground, and cleans items such as steel for use on the project. Laborers duties are many and varied, but are generally those that do not require skill or experience, or the exercise of judgment.

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